About Us We are a Technology Solutions and Services company bringing you customization possibilities.
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  • To continuously enhance digital integration within Clients’ workflow and process flow, raise competency level and support management team in making the right decision at the right time via web-based applications, etc.

  • Committed to quality and timely job execution without compromising the protection of health, safety, and the environment.

  • We shall actively support the Nation's aspirations and position the best interests of the communities in any planning and execution of works at worksites.

  • To support Client in a comprehensive Digital Transformation of the Services and Surveillance program for the Project from the earlier stages. The expected improvement in maintenance, performance and safety will be significant as a new benchmark for t

OUR VISION To become a leading technology implementer and service provider of excellence and choice in support of oil and gas industry. We envision that Faazmiar Technology will become a digital technology adoption provider of choice in the future.

We aim to become the Best Technology Solution & Services provider in Malaysia and also Asia!

Faazmiar Technology Sdn Bhd was incorporated with the objective of providing solutions, technologies and technical services to oil and gas industry in Malaysia. The company brings specialise knowledge and extensive experience in deploying
oil and gas technologies mainly in the upstream sector. By partnering with companies that provide technologies for the implementation of integrated
operations/digital oilfields solutions, 3D Visualization of E & P data, Plant Information and advance systems to operate and manage drilling operations, optimise engineering design and optimize production and operations etc. The company aims to be able to bring benefits to oil and gas operators to save cost and become more efficient.

The company aims to become one of the significant player or service provider in the segment of software, solutions and IT services for upstream oil and gas. The
company also aims to provide excellent support services not only to oil and gas operators but also to major service providers in the sector. The company will continuously be searching and identify new technologies that can contribute significantly in achieving efficiency and effectiveness in upstream oil and gas sector.

We have grown through the combination of technology to provide you with the most comprehensive solutions to support and optimize your: Operations and management of your well constructions and well intervention.


  • Being honest, behaving ethically and acting with integrity

  • Act in ways that minimize environmental impact

  • Avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest

  • Always adhere to company policies and procedures

  • Always apply common sense

  • Seek ways of doing things better

  • Respect the privacy of all parties

  • Respect and comply with local laws and traditions

  • Do not misuse company assets

  • Protect the confidentiality of company information

  • Perform duties in accordance with workplace safety requirements

  • Being respectful, fair and considerate in business dealings

  • Act in the best interests of shareholders and investment partners


At Faazmiar Technology Sdn Bhd (FTSB), we are proud of our reputation for conducting everything in a correct manner and delivering on our promises. We ensure that we hold ourselves to this high standard. We foster a culture that values ethical behaviour and respect for others, while maintaining the highest level of corporate integrity. Good corporate governance underpins everything we do. All FTSB personnel are committed to the FTSB Code of Conduct. This articulates the principles and values that are the keys to our success.

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