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Well Engineering Services Optimize well planning and autonomous drilling operations. The new application software integrates all calculations necessary for well planning in an open web-based solution.

1. Design well trajectories parametrically based on industry standards. Anti-collision and error modelling based on ISCWSA.
2. Full triaxial well design made according to NORSOK, API and ISO standards.
3. Tubing design analysis using latest thermal simulator that will simulate tubing and casing loads based on production or injection scenarios.
4. Blowout and kill simulations calculate stochastically blowout potential and kill performance according to North Sea guidelines.
5. Additional applications cover conductor analysis, conductor and well head fatigue analysis.

Realtime Operation Services Provide a real-time data aggregation services and visualization solution for all phases of well construction built on the industry standard WITSML. It is designed to allow multidisciplinary teams to make drilling and well construction decisions based on the realtime information to help prevent the chance of any non-productive time (NPT).

1. It achieves this by integrating real-time data, historical data, reports, files and chat from all sources on the rig and makes them available to a wider community of professionals and stakeholders at the company offices or in other remote locations anywhere in the world.
2. Well information is organized in a standardized format on dashboard-like screens, referred to as ‘consoles’, which facilitates sharing of information and collaboration during well operations. The consoles create an early warning system for users, alerting them to potential issues that may arise with the well by employing a system that tracks the status of operations and equipment.
3. By deploying a powerful web-based applications and SmartAgents for the visualization tool that makes all curves, survey data, mud log data, rig activity, image logs and key performance indicators available in a user-friendly, web-based browser.

Simulation and Dynamic Monitoring Services These services will enhance your operations and optimize drilling performance by applying trend analysis and dynamic modeling to predict changes in drilling conditions that will lead to delays, inefficiencies and invisible lost time and drive your performance safely to a higher level. This is executed by combining physical modeling with machine learning and artificial intelligent techniques to pick up and act early to deteriorating down hole conditions before running into trouble.

Tool for monitoring and trend analysis during drilling operations. It creates a dynamic, real-time picture of the entire wellbore with changes between the model and reality visualized as trend graphs. This helps drilling analysts and engineers to optimize operational performance and to proactively avoid problems in the borehole.
2. With the advanced dynamic modeling by applying pre-operation and look-ahead well simulations, engineers can verify and tune drilling parameters to improve drilling plans, eliminate lost time on critical operations and help control well costs
3. Rig automation can help driller’s actions to determine all possible combinations (string accelerations, velocities, rotation, pump start-ups and flow rates) that could cause excessive surge and swab effects that impact wellbore stability and underbalance situations. Once this safe operating envelope has been established, the system can ensure that all drilling operations are conducted within the limits.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Bridging the digital footprint of past and current operations, the above solution automatically generates detailed procedures for drilling and completions operations, facilitates dynamic interaction between planner and crew, validates actions and flags deviations in real time, and captures best practices for future implementation.
With this digital data analytics processing, operators can maximize uptime and continuously improve the integrity, efficiency and safety of operations.
The favorite subjects for machine learning and artificial intelligence process are:

Establish various categories of standard procedures such as Standing Instruction for Drillers (SID)
2. Captured lessons learned from regional problems such as stuck pipes, well control, high torque and drag zones, etc.

Rig Performance & Optimization This service enables Client to monitor and organize your global rig operations accurately and efficiently. The service uses rig sensor data to automatically generate an objective description of the well construction process using patented operations recognition system without the need of additional personnel on the rig site.
This system allows you to analyze rig operations to significantly reduce well construction time by setting standardized and benchmarks in order to identify Invisible Lost Time (ILT) and LT (Lost Time).
The overall rig performance can be captured for future rig selection process. The ability to process historically recorded rig operational data in the Rig tendering process will highlight the rig operational performance and the respective KPIs for comparison.

Well Real Time Center (WRTC) Services We have a business model based on the cost effective solution through data digitization, visualization, activities surveillance and data management. This enables our Clients in the oil and gas industry to scale costs easily based on accessibility of high quality data towards better processing, analysis and evaluation for better decision making.
This WRTC services will assist Oil & Gas Operators to monitor their drilling, completion and well intervention towards better well safety & performance. The geosteering function can be incorporated to monitor drilling through complex reservoir section. This services will capture various significant technical and commercial benefits to Clients.
We are capable of setting up and manage a fully functional Well Real Time operating center locally or abroad with technical collaboration from our Technical Partners within less than 60 days’ notice.

WRTC package will consist of advance surveillance tools for close monitoring on real time operational parameters and capture early warning on potential problems such as stuck pipes and risks of swab kick during trip.
2. Use visualization tools to display data in useable profile/ trends (plan vs actual).
3. Increase operational safety and performance via 24/7 real time surveillance with alarm system to monitor trends for potential downhole problems.
4. Predictive tools used to monitor symptoms of downhole problems – avoid NPT events.
5. Web-based application to share real time operational status and well KPIs with all team members to improve decision making process.
6. Captured Lessons Learned and Best Practices for continuous improvement.
7. Data capture serve as Client backup files.

Coiled Tubing and Wireline Services Through our technical partner, we can provide a complete coiled tubing packages. By automating the entire coiled tubing system, we are able to provide a completely digital work flow, from planning to efficient operations on wellsite. Our coiled tubing equipment can operate safer, faster, avoid errors and faults, and even run completely autonomously throughout the entire job.

The automated CTU system consists of a Super Capacity Reel Trailer maximizing the amount of tubing that can be brought to the wellsite, and a Command Center providing the perfect environment for collaborative control of operations.
2. The entire CTU system is controlled through an Operator stations, programmed with user-friendly graphics, operator assist functions, multiple auto functions.
3. The automation system makes the Reel and Injector operate as one common system, making the CTU package simpler, safer and more efficient.
4. The CTU Injector Head is also incorporated in the automation.

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) We provide various components to construct an effective manage pressure system for MPD/UBD Operations. The basic control system consists of three modules: Pressure Control, Real-Time Hydraulics Model and Influx Loss Detection.

Robust real-time controller for high-performance bottomhole pressure control in automated managed pressure drilling (MPD) and underbalanced drilling (UBD) operations.
2. Highly configurable multi-phase well simulator with full pressure and flow dynamics, capable of simulating most MPD/UBD/DG operations and contingency scenarios.
3. Cloud portal for storing, viewing and reporting everything from simulation to field data.
4.  Real-Time monitoring system for MPD and UBD drilling operations.
5. Cloud based influx loss management envelope (IME) using rigorous PVT models.

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